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Hello, Kj.

I definitely intolerant to whey and casein, even in the smallest amount. So, even though I am not ingesting milk on a lactoferrin supplement, I am still having cow, whey. I found on iherb that their is a goat colostrum/lactoferrin supplement I think; do you think that might work just as well?

Yes, definitely. Goat milk kefir, goat milk yogurt, and goat milk lactoferrin are all acceptable options for the protocol and diet.

Also, if I didn’t tolerate that, I think I read that you mentioned something about a pure form of iron called pur-absorb; I think I have some in the cabinet here, but I haven’t taken it that much. I think you said that is beneficial because, like you mentioned, it is pure. Anyways, thanks for your help!

You probably need to read that post again. What I typed was, “Another potential problem is the iron supplement. Pure iron such as this benefits the Candida, which is why most Candida sufferers eventually become deficient in iron. This is also why I recommend Apo-Lactoferrin in place of a pure iron supplement.”The post:–etc—-Able–Raster–Jorge–Anyone-else.aspx