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It seems we might all have different perspectives about what was normal in regards to diet and so this is where a lot of the arguments are flaring up.
We all probably come from different parts of the world too and the “normal diets” all differ.
I watch things on TV where people sit down to enormous meals with food covering the table for everyone to be able to choose what they want and the amount they want every night.
Or some sit down to packaged frozen meals because its convenient. Some will have dessert every night of the week so it’s going to vary as to what we all think is “normal”.
It’s just common sense and educating yourself on what is actually healthy. Alex said it right too…you do have to re-train your body/brain and once you do make changes you do realise that the old bad habits really aren’t what you want to do so much. You might not completely change having some foods altogether but you will limit how many times you have it because you will rethink how it makes you feel.