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the thTing you have to understand is, eating Whole Wheat, Fruits, etc are not a cause of your Candida Infestation. The real cause is something else….live heavy metal toxicity, Immune System Failure, etc.


You are clear about it. Food isn’t the cause of CRC. It doesn’t mean by any reason that people can not chose a better nutrition and life style when they reach a cure.

If you eat sugars, refined carbohydrates, fruits, or anything that promotes the fungus growth,and the symptoms return, it means the infection is there. According to the medical literature, the infection is cured when you reduce the yeast cell numbers under its mutation rate and reproduction abilities.

It is a reality candida sufferers have to accept.

Food intolerance occur because Candida Albicans in its fungus form penetrates the intestinal cells. This is the challenge here. How to eliminate the yeast living inside the cells that form the intestinal barrier ??

This is the cause of Leaky Gut. Forget about the garbage you read in candida websites that tell you candida attaches to the intestinal lining. Yes, it does. The “commensal” and the most pathogenic form do it. The strongest bond between microbes and epithelial cells belong to candida albicans. It adheres stronger than any bacterial specie. However, adherence isn’t the cause of leaky gut. The cause is cell penetration, and it is done by the hyphal version of candida albicans after germination from a buddy form.

How do this happens ?? When candida albicans has germinated it invades tissues, penetrates our intestinal cells and cause inflammation. The intestinal lining is formed by billions of cells with a perfect join between them. One time they are inflammated, because a pathogen is living inside producing enzymes and metabolites, there is tissue dilation caused by the inflammation. This allows small gaps between the cell junctions that permits undigested food proteins to go to the blood and cause a reaction.

Gluten is like glue. It adheres very easy to the lining filtering into the blood when the lining is inflammated. So, the first and the last one intolerance to disappear is gluten intolerance. Until inflammation be there caused by the intracellular candidiasis, the gluten will continue filtrating into the blood stream.

I am praying for the moment people be educated about it. It is the only way to plan a correct battle against this fungus that make us miserable.

I hope this help all you,