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Able900;39071 wrote:

You are convinced that fruits caused your infection, and I am convinced they don’t. So, we will never agree with it.
What chock me is the time you have been posting and learning about this syndrome and still you think this way.Again, CRC isn’t caused by dietary habits but by immunologic problems that may be linked to many things as you probably already know.

Oh my god, Jorge. I’m actually agreeing with you and you’re still arguing the point with me. I can’t believe you, man.
Do you see the statement below? You posted it in case you don’t remember.

Quote: food increases the infection one time it is latent
And then I wrote this part, “Latent: dormant or undeveloped but able to develop normally under suitable conditions.”

And then my dear friend, I agreed with you.

Now how about reading my entire post this time before you decide to disagree with anything I write, and maybe you’ll see that I agreed with your statement, in fact, I’ve always agreed with this part of the Candida development. They can go dormant, I’ve written about this before myself, but the “infection” as you called it doesn’t develop and may never develop into a physical Candida fungal infestation without a “suitable condition:” Like your own quote states, the suitable condition can be a food source. Read your own post, Jorge.

So it looks like I was spot on even more than I thought, it really is about semantics with you. We have to write our own experiences in ‘your’ words, or you’ll disagree with us.


I didn’t interpret you post in the way you are telling it now. I saw your post as warning about fruits and pointing to the excessive fruit intake as the cause of your overgrowth.

It doesn’t matter if it was fruits or excessive amount of sugar, bread, pasta, or anything. Any of these could cause your overgrowth because something was wrong with your protection.

The point is you had something linked to your protective mechanism that failed to defend you against the fungal overgrowth. An acquired immune tolerance that you developed overtime, a minor immune defect, or any other hidden cause.

Normal people can eat a truck loaded of fruits, refined carbohydrates, and sugars every day, and they don’t develop a fungal growth.

The antibiotics disrupt a part of the defensive mechanisms that protect us against the yeast, the beneficial bacterial flora. The other branch is the immune system. The overgrowth occur when one of these two mechanisms fail. In some people, the antibiotics are the cause, other people never take it but develop tolerance to the yeast and the immune system stops attacking it.