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turkishdelight;38984 wrote: There are lots of forums posting about candida and they all contradict each other. When you have BRAIN FOG it is very hard to think straight and remember stuff anyway but very very difficult to study and read up all of this conflicting stuff and digest it properly. I am not an idiot who reads something and instantly believes it. I know that a lot of the people might mean well but get it wrong. I would have a cupboard full of supplements and have had to sell my home to pay for them if I did! My naturopath tells me that you are only cured when you can return to eating anything you want. He also tells me you can eat carrots, mushrooms, whole wheat etc and yeast, it is the sugar you must avoid. And the yeast cannot multiply or thrive without it. Some of the people posting seem to think you can spend all day making various recipes as if it is a full time job to eat. Many are too busy working to do that. Many of them assume that because they cannot eat gluten or some other thing they are allergic to we are all the same. Some seem to take on “having candida” as their lifestyle choice preferring to talk about it and think about it all of the time rather than actually getting better and having a normal life. I work as a therapist and you get the same thing with people who have anxiety or depression. Instead of making an effort to get better they prefer to spend hours in chat rooms and forums talking about how awful they feel. They get addicted to attracting and getting attention. Which is a total waste of time and feeding their need.

As for all this talk about how you must never return to your old diet because you will get it again. That virtuall makes life unbearable. And it makes no sense. In my case my candida was caused by being on the pill and being told to take a lot of steroids and anti biotics over and over again. I refuse to take them now. So as I will not be not taking them the situation will not be the same.

We need hope but we need realistic hope. If you told most people that they would have to stay on the candida diet for the rest of their life to manage their symptoms then most of them would not bother or they would regularly cheat, because without those tasty tit bits that they enjoy eating sometimes their life is virtually unbearable, especially if they are foodies or they live with others and prepare meals for them at the same time. Nobody is going to sit there munching on a celery stick every day while every one else eats something far more tasty for the rest of their life. It is also far too expensive to be on this diet that long. Buying organic and special stuff costs a lot.

Thank you for posting this. I also feel like I am in my present situation because I was on bc pills and took steriods and antibiotics (twice). However, I wasn’t on the pills for long so I find it strange to think that I would have to give up all these foods for years when I see my mom and dad and some friends who have taken antibiotics and bc pills eat whatever they want and not have any health issues. It baffles me! I do believe that what I took damaged me in some way however before I recently took some prednisone a couple weeks ago my symptoms were getting better by me just avoiding foods that I am allergic too. However, as soon as I started the cleanse even though I started it wrong based on the instructions on this site, I felt worst and my allergy bumps multiplied even though I ate nothing I was allergic to. I have now quit the cleanse until I can see a natural doctor or any doctor who can perform some test for me. I want to be sure of exactly what I am treating and do it right.