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dvjorge;39040 wrote:

Nah, I also acknowledge that my food obsession is part of what got me here and the only way to stay out is to stay away from the garbage for life (obviously, as Able says, with exceptions…just that junk should not be the rule, no sugar desserts every night and so on).

I would like to know from where your ignorant statement that junk food causes candida is coming from??

I guess this is in reference to your other post in this thread. Quote: “As an open forum, we should be able to voice anything with
respect and consideration.”

At any rate, Alex’s exact words were, “food obsession is part of what got me here”

dvjorge;39040 wrote: Junk food increases the infection one time it is latent.

Latent: dormant or undeveloped but able to develop normally under suitable conditions.

In my experience with Candida, and apparently Alex’s as well, food was the ‘suitable condition’ which caused the Candida to develop and become a fungal infestation. I’ve mentioned to you before that when I contracted the infestation I had not been given antibiotics in over ten years, yet when I went on an all fruit diet I suddenly developed the overwhelming symptoms of a Candida infestation. So I had Candida in my body but they were dormant for ten years at least, and I may have lived the rest of my life never having experienced a Candida infestation, but food, in my case in the form of fruit, was the culprit which actually brought on the fungal infestation. The point is, doesn’t it appear that we have enough debates on the forum which may actually have the potential of helping someone without adding semantics to the list?