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JORGE! Please read what Able and I are saying…we are not saying that the candida was CAUSED by our eating habits, we are saying it was a trigger to cause the candida to go haywire. I am fairly certain my root cause is taking too many antibiotics as a child for ear infections (I recall my tongue being covered in a thick white coating often when I was young), and I know that a crazy round of them about ten years ago didn’t do me any favors.

However, it wasn’t until about five years ago when I was at a job that caused me horrible stress, depression, and anxiety, which then triggered my junk food addiction, that things started to go downhill. First slowly, then about a year and a half ago, they really got bad after a particularly stressful two months of terrible eating due to being on the road and homeless.

Please read what I say before you call me ignorant.

Also, please note, again, that I have NEVER said only a diet will cure candida, even though you have accused me of it a couple of times now. It is the diet AND PROTOCOL of probiotics, antifungals, and other supplements that is the other, equally important, half of the equation.