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Ok, Let me conclude my posts.

1. As I stated earlier, this thread is seeing all confusing reports, no solid cured case.

2. I am asking to eat the same food as your family, if you claim to be completely cured.

I am not pointing to any particular food, the foods I mentioned are just as an example. I stated this clearly in my previous posts, even after that I don’t understant why people start pointing to defects in one particular type of food,
If any food is problematic, my understanding is that it shud cause the problem to all your family members, not just you.

3. I am asking people to look into other conditions you might have, which have originally initiated the problem.

Don’t be of an assumption that this diet/protocols will completely cure you after few months/years.

4. I dont see a reason to discuss further on this thread, as I have made my points,

People who have the capability to understand my points, should have already understood them. And others who didn’t understand yet, I dont think they will ever understand.

And for those calling me names, you are most welcome to add few more….That doesn’t make sense to me.

I have made all my points clear, I wont respond to any further posts, getting bored!