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nikki;38835 wrote: I guess you will once again see all the confusing reports here, as in the testimonials.

According to me, Cure means you go back to the normal diet… your family/friends and still dont have symptoms. As per this none on the forum is cured.

I dont ask you to eat junk/sugars etc….

but atleast eat healthy food like whole wheat and stay symptom free… this is cure according to me.

Yeah Nikki,

I think you’re probably right – a ‘cure’ would look like eating what other people do and not getting ill. I’m not sure i’ll achieve that, i’d be happy with a restrictive diet and i’ll take the hit on the very occasional binge. But then, if i do start feeling better, would i want more?? who knows

I’m just ‘cleansing’ now – which sucks – but it’s worth a punt i guess to feel better. i’ll see how i am in a week and take it from there 😉