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This thread is exhausting and so counter-productive. Literally, people are saying the exact same thing through different ways, and arguing with the other as to who is more semantically correct.

Mooch, I feel you on the pasta and how frustrating/discouraging it is — although I love it with cream sauces like alfredo, which is basically like eating lard. It is disheartening to see family/friends eat “junk” or whatever they please without any repercussions. However, the one thing I’ve learned is that’s not the case for me. I’ve been watching what I ate for years now (being a 25 year old female), and I’ve accepted that I can’t pig out or eat unhealthy foods/treats without some sort of [mild] consequence.

Through this process, I’ve learned that I DO care about what I am putting into my body on a daily basis, and I desire a healthier lifestyle through making the right food choices with an occasional treat in moderation. After all, 30 is right around the corner!