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Vegan Catlady
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dvjorge;38839 wrote:

I agree with you. A cured person should be able to drink and eat whatever he/she wants without a rebound. No matter if you eat a whole cake. [h]When the infection isn’t there, sugar isn’t feeding something that doesn’t exist, but if you eat, and the symptoms return, then it means the infection never went away completely.
This is what is difficult to achieve since the infection must be eradicated inside and outside the cells. Current antinfungals and known treatment are weak correcting it.[/h]



Is it your opinion that one cannot completely get rid of the candida without something like diflucan?

Im done wasting time, but would continue natural antifungals if I was told it would work.

I am having a hard time with the candida diet, because being vegan cuts the already limiting diet choice literally in half for me. I can tolerate a good amount of suffering if I know there is good reason. Knowing there is no good reason creates more suffering,lol!

Also, I read on curezone where you mentioned that alcohol without additional sugar in it was ok, and did not encourage candida.
Do I have this information incorrect?

I havent had a drink in 6 months, but im mentally ready for one now.
Not ready enough to screw up my progress,however 😉

Many thanks in advance.