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moochpb;39024 wrote: Pasta has been around forever, my family and I have been eating it for all my years.

Hey, Mooch. I feel ya on the pasta, man. I have an uncle who is Italian and makes the greatest damn spaghetti this side of Italy itself. Now that I’m cured, there is no way I can visit him without eating a big plate of his spaghetti with meat balls, Italian sausage and a sauce that’s out of this world. I’ll admit that my favorite part of any spaghetti dish is the sauce, so I use a smaller portion of noodles and pile on the sauce. This is one of the many, many foods that I allow myself to indulge in at least twice a month, and it’s always resulted in zero reactions.
I think the reason I can do this is because I didn’t jump right back to a regular diet after all my symptoms, both die-off and Candida, disappeared. I very slowly began to introduce new but healthy foods to my diet, and this part went on for a very long time.

Ice cream is a snack not an every day thing like I used to.

I’m not afraid to admit that I still haven’t eaten ice cream, but this is not solely because of the Candida I once had, but it seems I’ve literally lost my taste for sugary sweet foods, and for me, ice cream has an extremely sweet taste. The times that I’ve just tasted sweet foods such as cake icing and candies I’ve found them to have a rather sickening flavor to be honest. I figure I want to be healthy, so why would I want to add these foods if I don’t even enjoy them any longer. You may be surprised s well as far as how your tastes have changed once you’re finished with the diet.

To speak for someone or look down on food choices is wrong.

Mooch, I know it’s hard not to take comments personally on the forum, it’s been hard for me as well. When people put down the diet or protocol, it’s very difficult not to take it as a personal assault, but I know they have a right to their opinions just as I do, and they’re not actually attacking me. I’m also sure that alexalgebra didn’t intend for the statement to carry that message.