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nikki;38976 wrote:

I feel like alexalgebra stated my own opinions more eloquently than I ever could, but I would like to add that I don’t differentiate a healthy lifestyle from a “cure.” Much like I attempt to actively eliminate risk factors for cancer and HIV and other life-threatening diseases from my life due to how much easier it is to prevent than to cure, I likewise plan to continue to actively eliminate risk factors for candida overgrowth for the rest of my life.

If you got an STD and cured it, you probably wouldn’t go immediately running back to the person who infected you, trying to get their pants off again. This just seems like logic to me.

The thing you have to understand is, eating Whole Wheat, Fruits, etc are not a cause of your Candida Infestation. The real cause is something else….live heavy metal toxicity, Immune System Failure, etc.

Your comparison is completely wrong…..

let me put it clear,

consider the STD you mentioned, and the person who infested you

The person who infested you = Heavy Metal Toxicity

The person who infested you is not comparable to Wheat, Fruits etc….

So, I agree when you say you are not going to run back to the person once you are cured.

So, you need to understand that once you cure your Candida Problem, you shudn’t run to Heavy Metal Toxicity.

But, you should be able to run to healthy Foods like Fruits.

If you are in a situation where you can’t eat Fruits. The I wonder how you can consider you as cured.

I don’t currently consider myself cured, and I currently do not eat fruit, but when I have reached a “cure,” it will be at a point where I am capable of eating moderate amounts of fruit. I have not said otherwise.