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Being constipated is definetely not helpful for eliminating candida. the transit time gets longer and a lot of stuff ends up just sitting in the colon and fermenting. also the dead candida will not be eliminated as quickly if you are constipated. I’ve heard that the candida that is still alive can actually feed on the dead ones, if there is no other source of food for them.

So best to resolve the constipation issues and keep things moving.

Oh and just make sure you drink enough water. One thing that helped me was juicing vegetables then mixing with 1 raw egg and sour cream, and drinking first thing in the morning. Then wait 20 minutes before eating. This is something I learned from the gaps diet for dealing with constipation.

Another trick is to have half a lemon juice and mix with 2 Tbsp of olive oil. Drink first thing in the morning. Again wait 20 mins before eating. This will increase bile production. However you should not do this for more than a week.