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Vegan Catlady
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Caprice;54739 wrote: So this morning I’ve read quite a few articles on red wine being a prebiotic and encourages good bacteria in the gut – not the sweet dessert red wines, but the cabs, merlots, etc. Yes, I’m having a tough time going w/o my wine. I’ve been on the diet for a month now and wondering if I’ll ever be able to enjoy wine again. I live in wine country. It’s pretty tough not to. So- any thoughts on these latest studies?


I *just this morning* read an abstract about the antibacterial/antifungal activity of wine extracts. Apparently the phenolic acids are helpful.,d.eW0

At this point,if I could go on a red wine fast, id do it. Wine for breakfast,lunch,and dinner.
Maybe in between snacks too.

Im just waiting for THAT study to come out, and sister, Im there.