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Although, for hundreds of years, people have taken thyme oil by mouth, the safest way to ‘take’ thyme oil is probably by mixing it with warm water and rubbing it into the skin. Research has shown that 40% more of a liquid supplement is absorbed into the blood stream by rubbing the substance on the skin than by ingesting. Note that, with many essential oils, skin irritations are possible when using thyme oil on the skin.
Benefits of Thyme Oil

The virgin coconut oil to which you linked is perfect.

The best and most effect form of calcium is probably calcium orotate. Amazon, among other online stores sells this form.

I’m a guy, and personally I’ve taken calcium for several years and my heart is fine, but for the information of other males on the forum; if you’re genetically inclined to experience heart problems, then you’re probably better off obtaining your calcium from food alone. On the other hand, I don’t believe for a second that calcium has ever been the sole cause of a heart problem. As men age, we can contract osteoporosis the same as a female can, so if you’re not sure as to whether or not to take it, ask your doctor about the deficiency tests available.