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Hello, Shirley.

So it looks like all the doctor is saying is that it’s a “bacterial infection” … nothing else? Both you and your sone have the right to ask as well as to know anything you wish to know about his case. I would ask him exactly what type of bacterial infection your son has and further, I’d ask him why the antibiotics appear to be unable to wipe it out, meaning he has to keep starting them again.

You said that your son is on Cipro. Some antibiotics which are penicillin derivatives seem to cause more yeast infections or Candida than others do. Cipro is one of these, so it’s understandable that your son has Candida.

As far as how long your son will need to remain fully on the diet is impossible to know because a lot of things depend on that.

How long do you suspect that he’s had Candida? In your posts, it sounds like you think it’s possible that he doesn’t have a bacterial infection, but that all of his problems stem from Candida, or is that not the case?

As far as a reason for the vomiting is concerned, in rare cases of Candida the infestation can affect the esophagus. When this happens both nausea and vomiting can occur. In addition, often the patient will notice a slight burning or pain behind the breast bone where the esophagus is. He also may experience, to a small or larger degree, a slight problem with swallowing. Streaks of blood in the vomit are also a sign of Candida in the esophagus, and people with this type of Candida often will have bad breath and a white coating on the tongue.

I would think that the fact that he has not run a fever at all is good news. Usually a person will run a fever with a bacterial infection, plus, if Candida in the esophagus spreads beyond the esophagus into the blood stream there is normally a fever.

As far as vomiting being a symptom of Candida, it isn’t that normal, but it’s not impossible. People with Candida are normally low in beneficial bacteria, and a large deficiency of one particular bacterium can cause vomiting. Ironically, this same bacterium is also very beneficial to getting rid of Candida. The one I’m speaking of is Bifobacterium Bifidium. The reason for the vomiting in this case is because the deficiency causes higher levels of ammonia in the body than normal. If you have a reason to think this is his problem, the essential trace mineral, Molybdenum can help.

An environmental illness by the name of bacterial dysbiosis is believed to be caused by a lack of flora (beneficial bacteria in the intestines). The reason for this is that the flora has the ability to keep pathogens and fungi under control, so a lack of flora in general can cause both bacterial infections as well as fungal Candida. Considering that it’s possible he has both Candida and a bacterial infection, this could possibly be his problem — possibly. Everything is a guess at this point; as you’ve seen with the doctor.

The way I would treat this would be to start him immediately on the Critical Colon Probiotics by Renew Life 80 billion, always on an empty stomach.

I would also either purchase goat or water kefir – or make my own.
After adding the other two, I would start eating Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt. Some health food stores sell this as well as Walmart.

I would stagger the start of each of these because of the big chance of debilitating die-off symptoms happening, putting at least one week between the start each.

As soon as he can after starting the above treatments, he should be taking some form of prebiotics, which are foods that will feed the beneficial flora that he’s creating with the probiotics. He can do this with vegetables, especially asparagus, Jerusalem artichoke, also garlic, leeks, onions, and oat bran – not some type of “oat bran cereal” but pure oat bran.

Flora-feeding herbs are: Dandelion root, burdock root, chicory root, and elecampane root.

As far as antifungal supplements are concerned, I wouldn’t worry about these for a while as the products above are going to be enough for several weeks and will likely produce some die-off. I would definitely purchase both the Molybdenum and the Candidate from Native Remedies before starting all of this, or if not both, at least one of them.

Of course, if I were him, I’d stay on the diet as closely as possible.