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New update….
Hi Abel900…
Okay, son went to the doctor prepared with questions as to why this keeps happening. The doctor said that what he has had in the past is definitely a bacterial infection. Reason? His white blood cell count is through the roof. Thus, the prescription of antibiotics. Also, when asked what type of bacterial infection he said he did not know and that is why he wants him to go see a gastro specialist. My son asked him about candida. He says candida is a fungal infection and being that the antibiotic makes him feel better, then he doesn’t suspect candida. However, judging by our posts back and forth, isn’t it possible that he has candida and also the bacterial infection? After all, he has all the symptoms of candida. My son asked me why his Florastor hasn’t gotten rid of the candida and I told him that if it is a one strain probiotic that it may not be knocking out the candida if it is a different strain. Correct?

So, next thing for him to do…go see a g.i. doctor. BUT I have also overnighted him the Critical Colon 80 billion that I purchased yesterday for him and also something called CandiGone which the health place here sold me. I see no reason why he can’t take the Critical Colon in conjunction with the Cipro, can you?

Even the doctor admitted being stumped and he said because the symptoms are reappearing in 2 wks instead of the usual 4 wks has him worried. So I guess a colonoscopy will be in my son’s future.

This is so aggravating that he can’t do bloodwork to find out what kind of bacterial infection. You would think there would be a test that can do this rather than sticking something up someone’s butt to find out!