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The monster is happening again. It has only been 2 weeks since my son had his last episode and he called me scared to death thinking it is starting again. Symptoms: gassy, bloating, burping, aching back and joints, diarrhea, shivering cold even though it is 100 degrees outside, and nauseaous. Called the doctor and he is prescribing antibiotics AGAIN and told him to keep taking the Florastor. Wants to see him again on Friday. After reading all the symptoms on this website, sure sounds like candida but again, the real klinker is the vomiting. Seems like no one experiences this type of vomiting. I am tempted to tell him to just go to the hospital. This doctor doesn’t have any idea what is wrong with him. In fact, he told him perhaps he needs to see a gastro specialist. Then he says…”you may need a colonoscopy.” Great, let’s just keep running up doctor bills and see where this leads us. I am frustrated to no end and I just wish there was someone who could say….you have such and such. Should we persue the idea that it is candida or do you think we are headed in the wrong direction? Y’all know more about these signs and symptoms more than I do. Thanks for listening.

P.S. I am certain the doctor hasn’t thought of candida. He tells me…bacterial infection. Would a bacterial infection have the same symptoms as a fungal infection?