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Good morning, Able:
Shoot it down? Why would I do that? Any ideas are appreciated. So far my son has only been to see the local general practitioner. When he went the other day, the doctor seemed to shoot down the theory of candida (says it is fungal not bacterial) and that what my son has been experiencing is a bacterial infection thus the loads of antibiotics. For some reason, even though he has been doing the bloodwork which shows white blood count levels through the roof, he can’t tell us what type. So he is sending my son to a gastro specialist and he has an appointment this Thursday. Can’t wait to see what he will tell us! Nor can I wait to see the bill! NOT! The local doctor told my son they will probably want to do a colonoscopy. $1500 if we pay up front.

If it is his gallbladder, a colonoscopy won’t tell us crap! Right? Either way, in an abundance of precaution, I told my son to start taking the Critical Colon 80 billion that I sent him. I figure it wouldn’t hurt, right? As far as I am concerned, all the symptoms of candida are there except perhaps the vomiting but I will tell you, my son has a very sensitive stomach so it wouldn’t take a whole lot to set him off.

I will keep you posted as to the results. Thanks for all your advice. It has truly been appreciated.