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The doctor told my son it was a yeast infection in the blood. Each time he has the bloodwork it says the same thing. The stool sample (which was collected to check for giardia) showed nothing except for the yeast. Vomiting stops after antibiotics are taken for several days. After he uses the antibiotics all up, doctor prescribed this time prescription Florastor (not sure of the dosage or count) and active culture yogurt. Although he feels better after the episode is over, he still feels groggy feeling, or as he puts it “something lurking in the background.” And he also has lack of energy, can get agitated easily, and he does seem to have his share of digestive problems like bloating or gas or sometimes feeling nausea after eating. If there is something I need to look out for, please tell me and I can check with him. He does not eat a lot of sugary items but he does eat bread for a sandwich. Any advice is welcomed.