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many sparrows
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In my experience, being over-emotional is definitely sometimes part of the die-off, and it really helps to remember that, altho’ not easy when the emotions are so powerful. Also, I’ve found that its tough for my husband too,who has his own emotional reactions to my diet and all the info that it involves. Its easy to think he should understand how obvious it is to see that candida makes me crave sugar for example, but gradually I’ve learnt that he is only learning this stuff through MY experience and MY beliefs about that experience; he is only learning about it secondhand from me and sometimes its totally overwhelming for him to work out what is real. Recently I realised that a good balance is this:to ask him to believe what I tell him about my EXPERIENCE, whilst still respecting his freedom to be agnostic(or questioning) about my BELIEFS about my experience.
Another thing I’ve learnt is to say is’Look ,this stuff has not been massively researched or definitively proven, but I’m convinced (because of x,y, z) that its worth me pursuing it, and I’d really like you to support me as much as you can, even though you’re not sure about it.’ I’ve spent years thinking I’ve got to convince people that all this candida stuff really is real,and gradually some people have started to see for themselves, but its often only when they experience something themselves which makes them sit up and take notice. IME, people tend to think that all this health stuff is a bit weird,UNTIL they have some problem themselves and discover that the remedy is one of these ‘weird’ healthfoods Suddenly, overnight,something shifts for them and they START to see things afresh. Hope this makes sense;if not just ignore it,as its a bit convoluted. Best wishes, sparrow