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dvjorge wrote: I will begin S. Boulardii next week. I have decided to stop every antifungal and keep the diet with S. Boulardii for a while. I will continue chelation and distilled water enemas.
I need to give my liver a resting and stop all the natural antifungal that are also antibiotics. The number one cause of candidiasis is antibiotic intake but we still continue taking them in high amounts every time we take GSE, Garlic, Oil of Oregano, Caprylic Acid, etc.
This must stop to give the intestinal flora a chance.
I am also stopping Nystatin because I don’t want to kill the S. Boulardii.

I will report the results. I am planning on taking 180 capsules during 2 months.

I have been taking S. Boulardii my whole treatment, 10b once a day, Jarrow Brand. Great Probiotics.