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Chris24 wrote: Wait. Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol and shouldnt be so bad as it is only partially absorbed by the body, and the rest is absorbed too quickly to reach the colon where the actual candida is. So it does not come into contact with the candida, thus not hindering your progress.

Please correct me if i’m wrong, but this is what dvjorge and other sources told me.

Furthermore, stomach related issues are common with taking sugar alcohols (bloating, diarrhea) and so not neccesarily connected to candida.

Like I stated I don’t think I should start all over just cause of this. I ve made great progress and you probably know more about this ingredient than I do. From what I read online it causes bloating and diarrihea which have been my only problems lately. I hope that it didn’t set me back too much but from what I read it’s an artificial sweetener which is bad news for everyone here.