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I have in another thread. I realise that I shouldnt be having the seasonings, as I’ve felt funny in my head after having it but i also started the coconut oil at the same time.

With the seasoning I get a reaction pretty soon after but so far no reaction that I’m aware of with the coconut oil.

The oral thrush has re-appeared around this same general time (over a couple of days roughly) but its harder to work out what brought it back. It could be the seasoning that did it but I ask about the coconut oil because i seemed to have had kind of “dormant” oral thrush before starting the diet and appeared on about day 2 of the cleanse. Then it cleared up with lots of oil pulling. I wonder if it may be some kind of die off that brought it back because of the introduction of coconut oil. But on the other hand maybe i’m not having enough of it yet for that..?