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A follow up on my last post:

I just checked, the chicken sold under the “Macro” brand by Woolworths as “free range” chicken is accredited by “Free Range Egg & Poultry Australia” (FREPA), the main Australian accreditation body for poultry products. Under the “FREPA Free Range Meat Bird Standards” of their website, I found

“8. That only under veterinary direction are therapeutic antibiotics permitted.
Treated birds must not be sold as Free Range.”

“9. That growth promoting hormones and growth promoting antibiotics are not permitted. Coccidiostats may be used under veterinary direction if Coccidiosis is regarded as a welfare issue.”

So does this mean they are allowed to sell chicken as “free range” even if they have been treated with Coccidiostats, not listed as a “theurapeutic antibiotic”? If not, this means that I am reacting to a certified antibiotic-free chicken!! I will definitely try to get hold of fresh farm chicken – if I don’t get a reaction from that, then Australia might have a problem regarding the disclosure of important information in the poultry industry.