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Thanks for your thoughts Raster. Well, at least when it’s the first 3 I know it will work itself through my system in time and that’s reassuring in a way. I know how well i felt last week and that makes it very easy to stick with the plan to get back to that point.

The frustrating this about your other bits of advice is that I’m already doing all of those things but it’s not helping ease it like it should!! I’m having a sauna/ hot tub every day, taking vitamin C (was on 1000 but now taking 2000 – should I take more?), taking cod liver oil (and vit d) 1000, eating every antiinflammatory food I can find…

BUT what that might mean is that this would be an awful lot worse if I wasn’t doing all those things? I mean, apart from the rash i’m feeling fine. No headaches, muscle aches etc. I’m pretty tired but was up with a sick child 12 times (yes 12!!) last night!! So the 1 thing I really need and can’t get at the moment is rest.

Thanks again for coming back to me.