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Prizma;45146 wrote: Thank you, Able.
I am having IBS symptoms /abdominal pain/. I’ve read here that in this case Aloe Vera concentrated is not okay.
Why is that ?

I have read that:
1/ Aloe vera is an antifungal;
1/ Aloe vera helps to cure inflamations.
I am taking Forever Living Aloe Vera and Ihave been thinking it helps.

Hello, Prizma;
I’m certainly not going to tell you to stop taking aloe vera if you believe it’s helping you, but if you’ve read the forum protocol and all the links connected to it, you’ll see that aloe vera juice is not part of the treatment and in fact is never mentioned. This is mainly because I know that there are better herbs which will do a better job than aloe vera will.

One problem I have with aloe vera juice is the fact that one of the three sections of the leaf contains anthraquinone stimulant laxatives. I believe that it’s counterproductive to use anthraquinones laxatives because they can cause laxative dependence. The other problem is that most aloe juices in the stores are diluted, sometimes extremely so. The FDA allows the manufacturers of aloe manufacturers to add around 90% water label the container as being 100% aloe vera juice, so you’re basically paying for water unless you make sure the label states that there is no water added to the aloe juice.

In addition to water being added to most aloe juices, the aloe gel is never 100% aloe in that it’s manufactured by adding algin from seaweeds to the aloe in order to make it gel.

Personally, I would prefer to take licorice root, yucca root, and slippery elm instead of aloe vera. Slippery elm is a muciliginous herb which means that it will form a slick mucilage which coats and soothes the intestines, plus it also acts a stool softener. In addition, slippery elm stimulates the immune system which aloe vera cannot d The licorice root and yucca root will help to build up the flora which in turn will reduce the intestinal inflammation that goes along with IBS and leaky gut.

Slippery elm is capable of sucking up water when it aids in constipation, as with any supplement which is capable of helping constipation, be sure to drink a lot of water with it.