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Try to get organic veggies if you can…organic meat is much more important. I personally don’t think you can get better without organic but thats my opinion.

Do not consume tomatoes in high quantities because it increases the amount of sugar per serving (a cup of tomato sauce is like 22g+ of sugar, way too much).

Get raw ACV and not regular heinz type stuff.

Almost all veggies are ok for the diet. The main ones to worry about are ones high in sugar, starch, or ones from the grass family (wheat grass, etc).

Coconuts should bring more benefit vs. detriment. I would be careful with coconut milk.

Parmesan is fine once in awhile but I wouldn’t consume it in high quantities. I would try to stick with goats milk cheese because the cows are what the problem is. If you get european cheese, this is way healthier (they use special cows that are healthier).

I wouldn’t touch mushrooms except special occasions.

Duck should be on my list, the main thing to worry about is whether it causes constipation or not. Turkey tends to constipate from my experience.