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If I were to do a stage one diet, I would eat only buckwheat groats instead of rice. I would eat cream of buckwheat for breakfast instead of oat bran. I would eat rutabega instead of potatoes. There are healthy replacements for everything almost. Teff instead of wheat or rice flour…

Stage 3 is when I would add in potatoes semi-regularly. Of course, I am not saying don’t eliminate them completely, but maybe just save them for the weekend, a few times per month, etc. starting out. Rutabega is highly antifungal and promotes better digestion when compared to potatoes and has a similar texture/flavor, etc. It doesn’t taste as good but its almost as close as you’ll get.

Able has been banned by the forum. He removed his content and moved it to a private blog website that had advertisements and requested people to email him for a link to it. Its kind of like stealing traffic for financial gain…