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Hello Timmy,

1)I’d say I have been healed from candida because I went to a ND; I am one example. I also have a friend from high school who has candida and she is seeing one too in Canby, OR. She probably is fairly cured right now as well.

2)Naturopath’s heal holistically, meaning they heal your whole body. They won’t just heal you from candida, but heal you from many of your ailments that go beyond candida. For instance, I am a smoker, I sometimes wake up at 4am and need to go pee; these situations/ailments require specific supplements to heal the body. Soon, when I quit smoking, I will be prescribed chinese herbs and other supplements that will help me quit. I also lost a ton of hair and this requires the presciption of homeopaths/supplements that will help my body mineralize the trace minerals in my body (and stop the hair/mineral loss). For my galbladder not functioning correctly, I take A-F betafood (contains yeast to keep it pure) which helps me digest fatty meals. These are all ailments specific to me and not everyone else on the forum.

3)I hear you on this; it is difficult to find one you can trust based off info on the internet. I would call some of these places and ask them if they have either A) treated candida numerous times, or B)treated the seb derm problem numerous times. If not, ask them for a referral to a place that does. Typically, people with PHD’s and more acronyms for their specializations have greater knowledge. I will send you an email for the place in Portland I went to for acupuncture, and they could maybe refer you to a place in your town (or nearby) that they know about.

UPDATE: I am receiving email errors and can’t send anything to you. One school in the US sounds outstanding, this is the oldest accredited naturopathic medical school in the country, the National College of Natural Medicine. Maybe try to find someone who went to this school.