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I am very worried this new diet wont work. From everything I have learned feeding the candida doesn’t seem right. But her whole philosophy is that she wants my body to get a stronger immune system so it can fight off this problem. I agree with both of you and I am pretty torn on which route to go. But I just can’t stand to wake up every morning and see this same crap on my face while nothing is working. Also for the last week my stomach has been in major pain. I even got a referral for a GI doc. I did a little research and thought it might be a new allergy to eggs. Since every time it hurts is right after I eat eggs. So….I did a little experiment today. I didn’t eat any eggs and the pain never came back. So my point is. On the candida stage one diet I am screwed. I cant have coconut bread or eggs anymore. Only chicken and veggies. So then when I don’t have chicken I am limited to veggies.

I don’t really know what to do?? I did start this new ND diet today and already my skin appears worse.

Probably in 2 weeks I will conclude that NDs are just a scam and that the andti candida diet only works partially (for me). I will probably go back on the candida diet. Lose even more weight. Become ill because my body will be extremely weak, become hospitalized and be feed hospital food. Get well at the hospital while at the same time get candida back full force because hospital food isn’t anti candida. Obviously I am just being dramatic. But I just don’t know. I can’t seem to find even one person on the internet who has every cured my problem. However I appreciate anything constructive you might have to offer.
Thank you