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Ok… now I’m even more confused… during the course of the evening I started to feel very fatigued, found it hard to find the energy to feed the kids etc. When I ate my own dinner my mouth started to hurt and now it’s sore on the roof and sides at the back. My tongue now has raised white spots near the back, almost like blisters (I had this a couple weeks ago and a v bad sore throat followed – or it could have been thrush). My nose has become completely blocked on one side with a thick mucus (I used to suffer from this a lot before I started the diet without even realising it was a candida symptom – this is the first time it’s returned). Throughout the evening my hands have become more and more achey and sore and now the knuckles are cracked & bleeding (like they were 2 weeks ago after the wine & increased antifungals). My back is also really achey but this could have been from the cupping/ accupressure today because he really gave me a good pounding! Had a huge bowel movement this eve – that dark green than seems to mean I’m clearing out? Could have been the accu as Raster suggested.

I haven’t eaten anything different. Today I ate very little as I’m trying to be so careful – just 3 boiled eggs (not even buckwheat toast in case it would inflame), a large bowl of chunky veg soup (onion, broccolli, aubergine, swede, leek, spinach) with 2 spoons of coconut oil mixed in and then some organic chicken with mixed greens, spinach, jerusalem artichoke for dinner. 1 pot of Kefir mid afternoon. Loads of lemon in hot water throughout day. 1 pint of water with 2 dst sp apple cider vinegar around lunchtime. I took the recommended dose of probiotic twice (first thing in the morn & late afternoon, both on empty stomach) and only 1 dose of antifungals after my eggs this morning (3 caprylic, 4 garlic caps, 3 vit C, 1 vit d3, 1 cod liver oil, 3 health vits).

By taking the 2nd dose of probiotic as well as the kefir as well as the probiotics have I kick started even stronger die off? It seems more like a reaction though but I just can’t think what I’ve eaten that may have caused it. I only use olive oil, coconut oil, cracked black pepper & himalayan salt to cook.

It might be… that the bath I had last night wasn’t very long because time didn’t allow so I didn’t sweat much… and I didn’t get either a sauna or bath today because of going for accupuncture instead.

When you say “cut back” on antifungals – by how much? Should I be taking 1 or 2 doses of the probiotic? Should I be drinking 1 or 2 pots of kefir?