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Thanks Raster – I’m expecting some of the SF722 in my little parcel next week so here’s hoping!

The acupunture was great! The doc also did cupping and some accupressure massage and I feel a bit battered now – lower back v achey, probably from the cupping. It’ll be interesting to see how I feel tomorrow. It was a bit difficult to explain to him what the issue was and he kept going on about the immune system but i’m not sure I said clearly about digestion… wich I’d read your post before I went! Anyway, the 1 session was great but then he said due to the “severity” (my skin looks pretty awful at the mo) that I would need 20 sessions at a cost of €1,800 – and if I booked them all at once he’s discount it to €900!!! So needless to say, I won’t be booking that. I booked another 1 off session for next Tuesday just to see if a couple would make a difference. But after that I’d prefer to be spending my hard earned pennies on better quality antifungals and a relaxing weekend away!!