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I think one problem that you may have is that the (dead) candida is re-circulating throughout the body and it has no where to go except through the skin (and through the bowels). This is completely healthy even though it may not appear so.

This is why I went to a naturopathic doctor because he prescribed me something that will prevent the candida from re-attaching to my mucosal membranes (in the intestines). Ever since I have taken his supplements I have been on a very strong road to recovery.

If you want to detox the candida further from the skin/body; the sauna, steam room, or sweating idea I mentioned before will get it out of your body much much faster and will reduce the symptoms (the skin problem). However I have no idea whether this would be too much of a taxing thing to do when taking molybdenum (which removes some trace minerals from the body).