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Thanks so much for doing all that research for me. I have to run out the door now to pickup children but will log on later and re-read and digest. At first glance… my reaction to Grapefruit juice (from a carton) several weeks ago was hives but these were individual lumps on the back of the neck and behind the ears. they were a bit itchy but not incredibly and were my normal skin colour. This is dark red, blotches of all different sizes/ clusters and only became itchy when it started drying out & getting scaly. Or if I get very hot & tired.

I might try and find a picture online of a rash similar to mine to give you an idea. It certainly doesn’t match my idea of hives but you could well be right.

I have the probiotic and started it Monday night twice a day. I pulled back to just once the last 2 days as I though this might be increasing the rash. Should I go back up to 2 doses and also take 2 tubs Kefir?

Touch base later.

Thanks again,