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You see molybdenum mentioned a lot. What is not mentioned with it is the chelate. When I first started the diet I couldnt find molybdenum on the shelves so I asked the pharmacist and she gave me a bottle. I didn’t pay attention to the original post that said get it with chelate and what the pharmacist gave me didn’t have it. I suspect a lot of folks see molybdenum mentioned and may not be gettin the correct one.

That said, after i did get the corect one I still had rashes and in fact weeks later I still do. What has helped and what you already figured out is to cut down on anti fungals. I really amped up my probotic inake and decided to reduce antifungals to compensate and releave die off symptoms. My itchy rashes on my legs are fading and my SD on my face and scalp is just now starting to improve. Though I also now soak my head in home made water kefir. I have a feeling that my SD would Be all gone if I didn’t go jogging in the morning. It’s still cold out and I can feel the cold sting on my face when jogging which I know is bad for SD.

I am not a fan of enemas but would like to know the results. I have a feeling that they might give good short term relief but that candida will still be there and will just come back in the long term. I don’t know though and it’s something I would like to hear more testimony about.