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I second Rasters advice about the sauna/ hot bath… my main symptom/ reactions have been skin related – dryness, psoriosis patches, guttate psoriasis, hives, itchiness… and I find if I get to the sauna twice a week + a very hot bath at home each week then it keeps it all at bay. I know if I don’t get there in 4 or 5 days I get itchy & the rash starts. (It’s not so bad now as I’m further on in the diet, but this really really helped early on). I also took (and still take) 3000 of Vit C and rotate liver detox supplements like uva ursi, dandelion root & milk thistle to keep the liver nicely detoxing.

(When I was at my worst rash wise I went on the sunbed twice a week and that really was the most effective “quick fix” BUT I would never recommend this to anyone else because of all the risks involved)

Hope it improves,