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For those who swear by this “stricter” diet and think they’re getting rid of the candida faster, watch out for nutritional deficiencies. You NEED grains for a balanced diet, which in turn, will help your immune system fight candida better. As for quinoa, it’s one of the best grains for it’s protein content, magnesium, fiber, AND probiotic properties. It feeds the GOOD bacteria. It’s also easily digested so it goes through your body quickly, which helps eliminate waste quicker. And yet, another benefit of grains such as quinoa is that their texture allows them to act as cleaning agents in your gut (like delicate bristles cleaning a pipe.) And if that wasn’t enough, quinoa is delicious! It’s incredibly versatile and can be used in countless recipes, which can help many people stick to the diet for much longer than those on the “stricter” diet. For those who want to make a yeast-free diet a lifetime commitment, I highly recommend quinoa.