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1. I eat 3-5 servings of chicken each week; most of the chicken being organic. I eat bison maybe every two weeks and salmon once a week. I’ve never eaten pork and very occasionally beef.

3. Sigh…I literally feel BRAINDEAD sometimes. I’m feel some improvement but overall the brainfog has REALLY affected me at work, my performance has really slipped and I’m always afraid I”m about to get fired.

4. Raster, I used to suffer from severe insomnia as well, I’ve literally taken every medication out there. In the end I went to a sleep specialist/therapist and she informed me about “sleep hygiene,” you know going to sleep around the same time, even on the weekends, etc Most importantly using your bed AND bedroom only for sleep (sex or reading is okay too, preferably before bedtime). You’re not supposed to watch TV, eat, pay bills, or do stressful things in your room. Not sure if this will help you, but it helped me tremendously and got me off those damn sleeping pills.

5. The almonds I eat are roasted and salted. I give them a quick rinse too; I hope that’s good enough.

I’m having some problems with baking edible bread; I guess I’m too picky. I want either a regular sandwich bread or some sort of Middle Eastern pita or Afghan bread.

Thank you all for responding, I really appreciate it.