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Wondered about Threelac because of some posts that I saw.

Are you talking about a post on this forum suggesting the use of Threelac? If you are, do you mind pasting the web address on in a post so that I can read it?

If you buy Threelac you’ll be wasting your money. It’s much too weak and not nearly enough strains to make a permanent difference in the infestation.

I hope you’re not planning to use the psyllium husks or powder with the bentonite, are you?

Perrier mineral water is naturally carbonated when it’s collected, but still, it contains carbonated gas so personally I don’t think I’d want to drink it, especially while treatment a Candida infestation. Lemon or lime juice works in pure water just as well.

It’s just about impossible to avoid losing weight during the cleanse, other than eating a lot more than you want or going off the cleanse. Once you’re on the diet, it’ll be easier since you can add more foods.