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How much chlorella should I be consuming as a source of protein?
How much hemp seed “?

Just like any food, the amounts of these depend on an individual’s needs, and using common sense is the normal way of measuring any amount of food. You don’t want to eat so much of one food that you would go without some others that are of equal value – such as green vegetables.

Assuming I start all the recommended vitamins at the start of the strict diet, how long do I keep taking each one? (i.e. d3 says one month assuming things heal)

Again, this is the type of information that is impossible to know at this point. Everyone has a different degree of the infestation and other problems, and everyone progresses differently. This is is usually decided as the treatment progresses for each individual.

The protocol mentions: Biotin and Apo-Lactoferrin, however, I do not have these supplements and after spending much money on the rest of the supplements I am wondering if I can forgo this one until I have symptoms warranting it?

The Apo-lactoferrin depends on how long you’ve had the infestation and whether or not you have an iron deficiency.
Read the post about Biotin and Candida

Can I take St. john’s wort instead of sam-e or Ashwagandha if I am having issues with mood?

There is no reason not to try it for a while, but it doesn’t have the potency of Ashwagandha.