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Sonic Boom;39541 wrote: Hey again, guys! Now that I’ve had some time to study the private, strict diet + protocol, and have received some of my ordered foods and such, I plan to switch from the Web site diet to the strict diet beginning April, after my next medical appointment. I do have a few questions about the diet + protocol.

1) How might one distinguish a leaky guy “food allergy” from standard candidiasis symptoms, and from die off? If you’re anything like me, symptom severity is FAR from constant. I have never done food allergy testing before, so I’m not really sure what signals my body will give as far as a reaction is concerned. Any tips for pinning down the whole cause and effect thing?

It’s really hard to tell the difference. It just takes time as you go on your journey to fight candida. My leaky gut comes out as severe and instant fatigue and brain fog, most of the time, and occasional bladder pain. Candida reactions are less immediate and are things like constipation.

Sonic Boom;39541 wrote:
2) Research as I may, I cannot seem to find any solid literature comparing multivitamins to individual supplements, or multiantifungals to singles. I am fighting an uphill battle on this one (doc put me on multis, and taking individuals is certainly neither easier nor more cost effective), so I would definitely like to understand the reasoning behind using singles. Any helpful info and/or links would be appreciated.

The balance in multi-things is not always ideal, which is why it’s best to take each thing individually. Sometimes multis also contain things you don’t need/want.

Sonic Boom;39541 wrote:
3) I see that the liver detox drink recipe is now:
1 cup water
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
Small chunk of fresh ginger
I could have sworn one garlic was part of the drink as well. Should this drink be used even if the cleanse is skipped? If a garlic is added, can it be used for several weeks as an anti-fungal?

I didn’t really do a cleanse, but I did drink this to lessen the toxins when I was having really bad die-off. It helped almost immediately.

Sonic Boom;39541 wrote:
4) Do folks eat whole eggs only, or use extra whites? I plan to eat a single whole egg per breakfast, along with about 1.5 dozen egg whites. For baking and such, I might substitute out about half of the yolks. Does this sound reasonable? Incidentally, does anyone here take the discovered link between egg consumption and diabetes seriously at all?

I LOVE eggs! My friend has the happiest chickens on earth and they have amazing eggs with creamy, healthful yolks. I don’t know why anyone would ditch the yolk if they are able to eat them without a reaction. They have most of the nutrients, calories, fat, etc. that we need! Plus, if you don’t have a friend with chickens, chances are a chicken suffered tremendously to get that egg to your table, so it would be best not to waste any of it!

Sonic Boom;39541 wrote:
5) I have no idea why I am asking this question, but I wrote it down at some unknown point during my research, so I’ll ask! 😉 Is Molybdenum safe for those using fluoride toothpaste and consuming it in water? I currently use the recommended tee tree oil toothpaste in the morning, and a normal fluoride toothpaste in the evening, though I may switch to an enamel hardening toothpaste in the evening, with or without fluoride, depending on my what my dentist recommends.

I have no idea what the link is between molyb and fluoride. I have both (trying to get rid of fluoride but I have very sensitive teeth and there’s no good substitute for the tooth paste I use :p)