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Hello Sonic boom,

To answer your questions:

1)Die-off typically lasts persistantly all day long for many days and is basically similar to flu-like symptoms. You get nausea, fatigue, crankiness, sensitivity to light, itching, etc. Food allergies are much shorter in time usually. Reactions can include headache, a burn like feeling that encompasses the body (I call it the leaky gut burn), skin problems, diarrhea, constipation, tremors, heart palpitations, and more (it varies person to person). This typically happens right away after eating a food item or shortly thereafter. Some people get delayed reactions where their skin gets inflamed a day later, or they get constipated the next day, etc.

2)We recommend individual vitamins because there is no vitamin that gives you 100% DV for what you need. So if you get 1000% vitamin B while only 100% vitamin D, then this can cause a deficiency. I would look at vitamin combinations and how they effect absorption, etc. I would look at vitamin deficiencies and what can cause them.

5)I am unsure whether molybdenum interacts with fluoride. I would consider not using fluoride because it accumulates in the body and there has been no testing on the long term health effects of fluoride on humans in the US in a very long time. All of the fluoride testing occurred in the 1950’s and 1960’s and fluoride is banned in water in many european countries as well as places such as japan and india. If you look at fluoride testing in other countries, you will see that they didn’t adopt adding fluoride to the water because the results were inconclusive or possibly negative (harmful). Check out the