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I have a C677T gene mutation and am being tested for CBS mutations as well. I’m not sure i have the CBS one but after consulting with others we think its likely I do. If this is true I cannot take things like milk thistle or many other supplements or even meds. I have always been kind of sensitive to medications but only in the past few months of my life have I ever had a bad reaction to any type of food what so ever. No allergies or anything, I don’t know what to do because I can hardly swallow anything other than mush and I am not on a good Candida diet…. I weigh 93 lbs and cannot afford to lose any more weight. My regular doctors have not been of any help and I feel helpless and no one seems to be able to help me. Everything new that I try makes me so much worse, I don’t know if its die off or leaky gut, or anything else regular doctors don’t believe in. My Naturopath is very nice but I don’t feel like I really have gotten any real help and am still waiting for the candida tests he ordered to come in the mail. I know the tests are not always accurate but I just want some kind of confirmation on anything. In the meantime I’m trying to institute a candida diet and not having any luck.