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First I would like to thank all of you for your posts. I wish I could say this was anxiety or some other form of psychological issue, it has become blatantly clear that is not the case(just like to mention this is Nick(Kristys boyfriend). I went down this road with her before for many months and I could not find anyone with the symptoms that she is constantly going through that has PTSD or anxiety, depression, conversion disorder or any thing of the like. After many months of going to doctors appointments and never really getting any clear cut diagnosis I started to think that was the case, so I looked into it very extensively. I can say that without a doubt that once I read the stories of other people, and read the stories about people with Fluoroquinolone toxicity that she with out a doubt fits this condition to a “t”.

After a while I started to ask her doctors if they had any patients complain of the same symptoms that she has and they said not quite. I could explain more but I am positive that her reactions are not anxiety, especially because of how long they last and the lack of any fear that she has experienced prior to any of the recent things that she has tried.

As a matter of fact the only thing she was worried about with the coconut oil was weather or not it would taste good with her eggs because months before it was causing her no issues what so ever. Also before we had ever read about chemical sensitivities she took a magnesium tablet and a fish oil pill that we did not feel any fear about (because we didn’t know any better yet) and within twenty minutes her condition got out of control and really has progressed from there.

I don’t know if you guys have been tested for MTHFR or a CBS mutation but I read an article today that says it greatly increases your risk of a Candida overgrowth and because your methylation pathways and other processes that break down amino acids and things stop your body from being able to fight candida and somehow create a better environment for it. I’m still researching this topic for her and don’t know much about it but we know she has the MTHFR gene mutation. This will obviously make her situation more difficult and even the three things she has been suggested can cause some issues like the milk thistle, molybdenum amino acid chelate, and not sure about the candidate. I need to read more before I stick my foot in my mouth but it doesn’t seem like this will make getting her started on a good diet will be easy. I’m not trying to argue or even understate the importance of this issue and I will look up as much as I can so i can fix her pathways to accept the liver supplements which sound pretty necessary.

Able thank you for your posts Adeline sent you to us and for that we are so thankful. Please be patient with us and know that I will figure out how to make whatever course of action you give us work, it will just take a few little extra precautions for me to prep her system.