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Kristy;35694 wrote: One of my worst issues is that I have developed an inability to swallow most foods and my diet is not healthy for Candida as a result. I eat a smoothie every morning with banana, strawberry, mango, little apple juice, and water(all organic). Then I have three undercooked scrambled eggs that I can get down for protein. That is my breakfast every day(also put miralax in my smoothie). During the rest of the day I will eat cream of chicken soup, rice Chex, baby apple sauce, sometimes plain yogurt, and sometimes just plain chicken broth. My food even as mushy as it is either gets stuck or takes a really long time to get down. I have to chew my good about 50 times and have to concentrate just to get my food to go down my esophagus. Even overly cooked broccoli florets that were mashed down with a fork got stuck in my chest on the way down.

Have any of you had heart burn that eventually turned into a lack of ability to swallow foods? My problem is mostly located in my esophagus and not my throat although it does cause me some issues rarely. I definitely notice that my heart burn causes a lot of constriction in m esophagus and throat. I can’t help but wonder is this candida in my esophagus causing this issue.

Thank you for any help,
Kristy and Nick.

Hi Kristy, yes, I can relate to swallow difficulties. As the inflammation goes down (through working with candida and food intolerances, etc,.) you should experience improvement in your swallow ability.