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Vegan Catlady
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Hey guys-
IM new, and I have done a fair amount of reading here.

Im probably one of the few people who appreciate someone questioning my thought process, as one can go around in circles until their pattern of thought is broken and there is room for additional- not necessarily opposing ideas.

I have to giggle just a little because, unless I am mistaken, and I indeed may be, it seems the only people who have issues with Floggi are males that do not want to appear “wrong”.
Like I said, I could be wrong here, maybe reading too much into it, but as someone who spent oh….20 years watching and interacting in the social arena as her JOB…..I have seen fast defensive reactions that happened out of misunderstandings. Not all the time, just most of the time.

Many times I have posted in forums ( yes, I am on several forums for different topics)and took a post or 10 the wrong way, as the tone of the post cannot be heard without a slew of emoticons. Not exactly a guy’s favorite thing to end a sentence,lol.
I can honestly say, that atleast half the time, the person was AGREEING WITH ME, and the communication was unclear.
The other half was someone challenging my theories ( bring it if it has merit- I want to grow!)or someone who had genuine concerns about the info I was offering, so that they could be helpful.

Maybe im just hot for devil’s advocate.

Maybe we could take every post in the spirit in which it is offered, and if your unclear on that, ASK.
Give the benefit of the doubt.

There seems to be a fear here that if someone DID have some agenda in their posts, they somehow have a power to make you believe something against your will.

I would NEVER act on a post that was offered with the best of intentions without fully researching it,on my own, and taking responsibility for my own actions.

With that said, Floggi has been nothing but helpful in my experience.

As have all the other people I have given obvious “thanks” to.