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Are you trying to circumvent the subject?

I noted that, to my knowledge, it is impossible to make a pill or solution or whatever that consists of 100% enzymes.

If I am wrong on this point, please do not belittle me, but show me any proof whatsoever that it is possible to create any product that consists 100% of enzymes.

For now, let’s assume that I am right, and that whatever “enzyme” product you buy, such product does contain ingredients that are not enzymes.

Now assuming that your “enzyme pill” contains such additives, there are two possibilities:
a) The additives have no influence whatsoever.
b) The additives do have an influence.

I’m assuming that b) is the case. My assumption is supported by raster, near the top of this thread. And my assumption is supported by logic, which says that any producer of digestion-enhancing products tries to, well, enhance digestion. If additives can be used for that purpose, such additives will be included in the “enzyme pill”.

You may continue calling this reasoning “baseless speculation” as much as you want, but in doing so you only show that you are missing the base that I so elaborately explained.

You, on the other hand, just state that of the above two possibilities, option a) is true. Without any explanation. All you say is “that’s just how it is, and I refuse to listen to Floggi’s explanation!”

In all honesty, which of the two opinions is “baseless speculation”, and who of us has provided the most elaborate reasoning?