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Why are you reacting in such a negative tone?

My observation may be “baseless speculation” in your view. But that’s only your view. You seem to be implying that no enzyme product contains additives, which would mean that all enzyme products consist of 100% enzymes. Not only is that very unlikely, you also contradict raster’s statement near the start of this thread.

If, in your view, an enzyme product does contain additives, you are speculating that they are “just there”, without having any effect at all on digestion. That seems unlikely too.

My view is probably limited. If it is, then please do not belittle me. Instead, be helpful, and prove that either enzyme products do contain additives but these additives have no effect whatsoever, or enzyme products consist of 100% pure enzymes.

About your second question – what was it exactly that you’d like to know?